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  • Why sell on Loyabi?

    1-You will be able to create your online store with a couple clicks and sell your products locally and internationally.
    2-Your products’ availability on our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads) will increase your sales and exposure to the Lebanese and International audience.

  • How can I start selling on Loyabi?

    1. Create your account. Click here
    2. After being contacted by our team, activate your account.
    3. Start selling and enjoy a hassle-free process.

  • Can I register as a seller on Loyabi for free?

    Sure, the main purpose of Loyabi is to allow all sellers to register and increase their sales.

  • Does Loyabi have a seller Guide?

    Sure, Loyabi has a Seller’s Guide which will be sent to you once your seller account is created, and a support team dedicated to responding to your inquiries

  • What is the commission for sales with the Loyabi service?

    Loyabi’s commission varies between 6%-9%.

  • What is the cost of selling on Loyabi?

    Selling on Loyabi is for free, but a commission on sales and collection fees is crucial for the website’s sustainability.

  • Is there a fixed cost to sell on Loyabi?


  • Which countries does Loyabi allow me to sell my products to?

    As a starter, selling will be only by Lebanese sellers in Lebanon. However, buying from our platform is available for consumers worldwide allowing our sellers to market their products to the outside.

  • How can I learn how to manage my store on Loyabi by myself?

    After you register as a seller with us, you will receive an email that provides you with the steps of store management or you can request direct contact with a salesperson for help. Click here.

  • What requirements are necessary to register as a seller on Loyabi?

    To register as a seller on Loyabi, you will be asked for a series of legal, fiscal and personal documents depending on the legal nature of your company. Click here to start signing up with Loyabi.

  • Is shipment/delivery free on Loyabi?

    Shipping/Delivery can be free in case the seller is offering a free delivery service, if not, you will be charged only for the shipping delivery company.

  • What categories can I sell on Loyabi?

    On Loyabi, you can sell any item falling under the following categories: Clothing Accessories, Car and Motorcycle Accessories, Beauty and Health *, Weddings and Events, Bags and Suitcases, Electronic Components and Systems, Sports and Leisure, Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Hair Extensions and wigs *, Tools, Home and Garden, Jewelry and Accessories *, Toys and Hobbies, Lights and Lighting, Mom and Baby, Home Improvement, Furniture, Office and School, Computers and Accessories, Watches *, Men's Clothing, Clothing for women, Security and Protection, Telephones and telecommunications, Shoes. *You may need a special authorization to sell in these categories.

  • What categories are not allowed to be sold on Loyabi?

    You can not sell media (books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl and similar) and products belonging to categories not listed in the previous section. Remember that no illegal, illegally traded or prohibited products as per Loyabi’s policy.

  • How you can contact us?

    Please feel free to contact us from the email below: [email protected]